Lamb Facts

This is the where we go into the nuts and bolts of The lamb carcass and what it becomes.

 I am providing several resources that goes into fabricating a lamb carcass into the cuts we provide.  We are a small farm producer. That means we are not a factory.  No two lambs are identical, and no two cuts are identical.  Much like people, some have bigger thighs, hips, and arms.  Some have more fat than others.  Some have more internal fat, some don't.

We do the best we can to select for uniformity and consistency.  And as far as livestock producers go, I think we have done pretty well.  We are trying to have the lambs average between 125-130lbs on the hoof.  That means the carcasses will be slightly less than 50% of that, or about 60 lbs.  Then when the carcass is broken down into the cuts you desire, some fat is removed, and some, if not all of the bones are removed.  That means you end up with about 30lbs of finished product. in the combination package.  

Carcass Value