Gourmet Lamb

We have a limited amount of Vineyard Raised lamb for sale.


This is our first offering, and we are excited to offer you some of the finest lamb you'll try, raised in some of the vineyards that raise the grapes for wines you've come to love.  We are confident that this lamb will meet those same expectations.

Visit our lamb facts page for the mechanics of lamb.  For the first offering we are offering the lamb in a whole lamb, or a half lamb, cut and wrapped in one of 4 different selections. And at this time, we are only able to offer local delivery.  We are going to try to coordinate delivery with an event at the winery. Or we can coordinate deliveries around the Central Coast.

  • Combination Package:  If you can't decide whether to grill it, or make your favorite gourmet lamb dish, this  package is for you.  The carcass is split in half. One half is made into chops and small roasts for use on the grill.  The other half is made into roasts for your favorite gourmet dishes.  The trim is made into cubes and small pieces for stews, kebabs, or home grinding.
Lamb Shank
  • Gourmet Package:  The whole lamb is made into roasts and larger cuts for some of your favorite gourmet lamb dishes.  There will be bone in and boneless roasts for some fun and unique dishes.
Stuffed Lag
  • BBQ Package:  In this Package, the lamb will be made into mostly chop. There will be a few small roasts that can be put on the grill similar to cooking a tri-tip roast or a top block, only in lamb sized portions.
Grilled Chops
  • Whole Carcass:   In this package, you get the whole carcass.  It is perfect for  a rotisserie/spit, or a deep pit     Bar-B-Q.

 Rotisserie Lamb


In order to control our processing logistics, there will be a few rules:

  • To reserve your lamb, I need an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your desire to purchase a lamb and your contact information.  I will also need to know which package you prefer and whole or half of a lamb, and where you would like to pick up your lamb.
  • When we have the processing dates scheduled, we will send you a Paypal invoice for half of the price.  This is a Non-refundable deposit. We will contact you with delivery dates  Tentatively: Late April/Early May
  • The Balance of the amount is due at pick up.  We will be able to accept Credit Cards on Site.

 To get a feel for what is included in the packages, Click on the Lamb fact button to the left.



Whole Lamb:  $549

Half Lamb: $299

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.